Our renowned programme gives you the best start to launching your tech for good venture. We offer £60,000 investment and six weeks of intensive learning for prototype stage ventures. But the programme is just the beginning of your journey with us...

Three months of

  • Expert workshops - in-depth, applicable and participatory
  • Clinics - 1:1 support on workshop topics
  • Founder confidentials - ‘Off the record’ talks from experienced entrepreneurs
  • Show & Tells - one off sessions on the likes of founder mental health and team culture
  • Reviews - feedback from your peers, the BGV team and mentors
  • Cohort check-ins - accountability and peer-support
  • Office hours - programme coaching and support from your BGV-team lead
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Six sprints on

  • Designing with people in mind
  • Measuring your impact
  • Telling your story
  • Refining your business model
  • Selling your product
  • What makes investors tick
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BGV provides six sprints

Application criteria

Innovative application of technology

To allow for a problem to be solved at greater scale or in a new way.


With the potential to positively impact millions of lives and reach a £100-200m enterprise value within 8-10 years time.

Intentionality and purpose

Products and services developed with the intention to drive positive social or environmental outcomes.

Direct impact

A solution that can generate direct positive impact. Systemic solutions should have a credible hypothesis of how impact will be achieved.

Reducing inequality

Through affordability and accessibility that aim to reach the underserved and underrepresented.

Plus, some practicalities:

  • Your venture is at an early-stage and suitable for our investment (company limited by shares).
  • Your team is available to take part in our six-week hybrid programme run online and from our offices in London.
  • Your company is (or will be) incorporated in the UK but with global ambitions. You should also have the right to work in the UK.

Frequently asked questions

How much time do founders need to commit to the programme?

What stage should a venture be at to apply for the programme?

Can solo founders apply?

What type of company structure is required to be accepted?

What if we’ve previously received funding or investment?

Can you help with UK visas for founders?

Is the offer negotiable?

What is the programme acceptance rate?

We help you take the first jump, then join you on the journey.

The journey of every company we work with starts on our Tech For Good Programme. If you want to learn more and ask our team some questions directly, sign-up to one of our upcoming events or Q&A sessions.

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