Additional investment for WorkerTech teams
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Additional investment for WorkerTech teams

Dama Sathianathan
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Dama Sathianathan
Posted on
November 20, 2023

We’re excited to announce that we’re investing an additional £20,000 in teams shaping a fairer future of work for low-income and precarious workers in the UK through our partnership with Resolution Ventures

What we’re looking for 

Issues surrounding low pay, and precarious or insecure work have been exacerbated by recent tech innovations, particularly AI, impacting the very fabric of work and experience of workers. Since 2016 we’ve worked with Resolution Ventures, the venture arm of the Resolution Foundation, and invested in a number of startups, like Organise, TalentSpaces, TaskHer and others, advancing the rights of workers and significantly improving their prospects and life at work. We’re thrilled to continue backing startups creating tech products and services addressing any of the challenges surrounding worker pay, power and progression. 

“Too many low-paying jobs do not offer good work, and job satisfaction among low earners has fallen.”
Resolution Foundation, Low Pay Britain 2023

Now more than ever, we need to shift the dial for tech innovations to improve the working conditions and address the severe lack of social protection for low-income and precarious workers, explore new ways to reskill and upskill disadvantaged workers and prepare people from all walks of life for a drastically changed labour market with an urgent shift towards a net-zero economy. 

What we’re offering 

We’re investing a total of £80,000 (an additional £20k to our standard £60,000 investment) into WorkerTech startups, who will join the cohort of startups for our six-week Tech for Good programme in Spring 2024. WorkerTech teams will receive additional support from the Resolution Ventures team, with access to research insights from the Resolution Foundation, connections to the broader WorkerTech community and additional coaching and mentoring from the Ventures team. 

Find out more and apply by 3rd Dec

We’re hosting a virtual Q&A event on Monday, 27th November, from 4-5pm GMT, for which you can sign up here. It’s a great opportunity to hear more about what BGV and Resolution Ventures have to offer and ask any questions you might have. You can also sign up to talk to our team and RV through joint drop-in sessions. Register to talk to the team here.  

If you want to be considered for the additional investment, please make sure to apply by 3rd December 2023. Interviews following the submission of the application will take place on the 11th or 12th of December 2023 online.

For more info about BGV’s general offer and the link to apply, visit