Announcing our Autumn 2018 cohort
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Announcing our Autumn 2018 cohort

Dama Sathianathan
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Dama Sathianathan
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September 20, 2018

Meet our new tech for good ventures

Yesterday, we welcomed three new tech for good ventures to the BGV community, kicking off our support for them with a 12-week intensive programme of support.You might notice that this cohort is smaller than usual, with just three startups on the programme, as opposed to our usual ten. This is because we switched things around and decided to focus on two specific themes;

  1. Tech to accelerate progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) with our partners Andy Wales and Ed Gillespie
  2. Tech to improve the lives of vulnerable young people through our partnership with the Children’s Society.

Meet the teams

We’re incredibly excited to announce the three teams who have joined the BGV portfolio:Nightingale joins us through our partnership with the Children's Society. They are building a safeguarding software to help young students and schools identify mental health and safeguarding concerns early.Website | Twitter | FacebookWe received a wide range of applications for the Global Goals Accelerator. The strongest teams that applied were focused in three areas: agriculture and food, circular economy, and health. For our pilot, we have two companies joining the accelerator across the first two of these themes, and we are also exploring a more flexible model for companies who can’t join the full time programme in the UK across agriculture and health.Agronomex, joining us through the Global Goals Accelerator, is a platform tackling food waste at the farm gate, reducing sourcing costs in the food industry. They are testing their technology in the UK with ambitions to scale globally.Website | Twitter | AngelList

Panda Packaging, also joining us through the Global Goals Accelerator, are on a mission to reduce plastics pollution. Their web-based platform empowers people to design, distribute and customise completely natural products to replace plastics, with an important South-East Asian supply chain for their natural raw materials.Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

If you’d like to get involved in supporting these ventures, then drop us a line. Equally, if you’d like to find out more about the Global Goals Accelerator, then get in touch.We’ve learnt a lot from running a very specific call, which we’ll put into a follow up blog. So stay tuned for more. For more information on our partnerships, please follow the links below:Children’s SocietyGlobal Goals Accelerator