Announcing our Spring 2020 cohort of tech for good ventures
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Announcing our Spring 2020 cohort of tech for good ventures

Will Spurr
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Will Spurr
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April 1, 2020

Come rain, shine or global pandemic, we’re always thrilled to announce a new cohort of ambitious teams for our tech for good programme. For the Spring 2020 cohort we received over 200 applications from all around the world, from which ten game-changing teams emerged and join our programme today.Each startup is on an exciting path to use technology for good, hoping to radically change millions of lives for the better and protect the planet, especially during this global pandemic and we're happy to support them on their journeys. Be it to build one's mental resilience through storytelling, equip food banks to navigate their demand and supply better, or increase access to wellness and yoga online for an isolated ageing population, we're thrilled to be joined by these ventures today.

The BGV programme in a time of coronavirus

Spring 2020 poses the unique challenge of being our first remote programme (thanks, coronavirus). We’ve had to get creative with how we deliver workshops, peer-support and mentoring - but we’re working extra hard to facilitate a productive, peer support-driven cohort environment, and we’re trialling several exciting digital tools to ensure that this programme will be just as good as usual, if not better!

The Spring 2020 teams and BGV Team on their first programme call

Introducing our ten teams as part of the Spring 2020 cohort

Also Known AsAlso Known As is developing dynamic virtual reality tools that can be used by journalists to build resilience ahead of deployment.Twitter - LinkedIn - InstagramBreatheHappy A digital healthcare solution that combines the latest research in geriatric issues with proven principles of yoga and mindfulness.Twitter - LinkedIn - InstagramChange Interactive (Mind Monsters)A smartphone adventure game that helps people develop mental resilience by combining powerful storytelling, immersive game mechanics and evidence-based therapeutic techniques.InstagramNation.BetterThe first UK technology platform for immigration compliance and law services, they offer an efficient, stress-free, secure immigration experience at a low price.Resilience Energy TechnologyA platform that manages solar, battery and electric heat and mobility assets within the house, ensuring that all the assets work together to ensure that their customers are saving the most money.Twitter - LinkedIn - Instagram - CrunchbaseRoute AwareA mobile navigation app overlaid with crime data and will be able to predict crime, allowing users to travel smart and travel safe.Twitter - Instagram - CrunchbaseSilver SharersA safe and accessible platform for older people to find accommodation options within shared homes owned by other, older homeowners.TwitterSpareableA platform that helps food banks take control of the supply & demand of donations from members of the public, corporations and sustainable businesses.Twitter - LinkedIn - InstagramSpokesafeAn urban mobility platform which gives cyclists access to a network of secure parking spaces which can be dynamically accessed through an app.Twitter - LinkedIn - InstagramTrogloA mobile app which facilitates a user’s ability to keep track of and improve their sexual health and mental wellbeing.Twitter - LinkedIn - InstagramIf you’d like to get involved in supporting these ventures, then drop us a line. Equally, if you’re a venture looking for support for your tech for good business, then get in touch here to find out more about BGV’s Autumn programme.