Announcing our Winter 2014 Cohort!
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Announcing our Winter 2014 Cohort!

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December 19, 2013

Please wish a warm welcome to our new Bethnal Green Ventures Cohort!

  • Miriam Morris, Yasmine Arafa and Cornelia Boldyreff have started ebarter, an electronic barter currency. Used online or by phone, ebarter enables people to buy and sell without money.
  • Sarah Gargett and Mark Hardwick are building Flooting, a game to give away your unwanted stuff.
  • Samiya and Naveed Parvez and Lee Provoost are starting up Project Andiamo to drastically reduce the time it takes to produce orthotics for children with disabilities, by using 3D scanning and printing technologies.
  • Chris Thorpe, Becky Fishman, Dean Vipond, Vijay Paul and Mark Simpkins are helping young people to build a love of engineering and manufacturing with their co-created Flexiscale 3D printed model kits.
  • Mehdi Siami, Maxine Razavi, Ben Greenaway and Sam Nazarko are making low cost classroom hearing aids for school kids in developing countries with
  • Jo Taylor, Josh Gimenez, Mario Vassiliades, Dimitri Kouvdis and Aleix Sabate will be refining and scaling Wall Display a platform to share and celebrate school students' work.
  • Maxim Osipov, Lisa Stroux, Tasos Papastylianou, Alessandro Guazzi are Sentimoto making wireless biofeedback sensors to help older people be more independent.
  • Sanjay Poyzer, Jerome Toole and Jamie Davies are building CauseHub, an open source platform and toolkit for people to gather around a common cause.
  • And last but not least Peter Lewis, Padraic Calpin and Krishan Patel are making it easier to take part in democratic decision-making with voXup.