Applications for our Spring 2022 Tech for Good programme are open!
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Applications for our Spring 2022 Tech for Good programme are open!

Olivia Wasson
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Olivia Wasson
Posted on
November 24, 2021

At BGV we try to keep our fingers on the pulse of the world’s biggest social and environmental problems that aspiring tech for good founders could help solve. This is where you come in. We’re excited to announce that applications for our flagship 12-week Tech for Good programme are open!

You’ll be joining BGV for our 10th year of investing in tech for good. With a decade of experience and 18 programmes behind us, you will not only receive £30,000 investment, but also expert support and mentorship from the people who pioneered tech for good.

After recently joining Connected Asset Management, our follow-on investment capabilities have also strengthened - more on this to follow. We can say with confidence that there has never been a more exciting time to join BGV and our tech for good community.  

Who are we looking for?

At BGV we want to hear from founders using tech for good to contribute to a sustainable planet, healthy lives and a better society, including WorkerTech. Our CEO and managing partner Paul Miller, recently described the opportunities in tech for good in the Sifted The Future We Create report: “The world faces huge challenges over the next 20 to 30 years and the [social and environmental] transition is going to be a cost for big companies, but for startups it is an opportunity, because they don’t have to change what they do,” he says. “They can be part of the transition and provide the products and services that make sense in that new world”.

Before you apply, check out these top tips:

  • Head to our founders page - here you’ll find all the information you need on eligibility, our offer and find the application questions.
  • For advice from founders who have been through the programme themselves, check out our 10 questions with series on YouTube and our blog.
  • Our Spring 2022 programme will be remote, with some opportunities for in-person socialising and networking. Find out more about our remote programme here.
  • If you’re a WorkerTech founder, check out the WorkerTech Dispatch - a publication by BGV and the Resolution Foundation offering insights and tools for a fairer future of work.
  • One reason we may not accept you into the programme is if your idea competes with one of our portfolio companies. Keep up to date with who we’ve invested in so far here.
  • Sign up to our monthly virtual Q&A events to ask any questions you have and meet some of the team. Londoners,we’ll be hosting an in-person event on 13th December for which you can sign up here.
  • You shouldn’t need connections to be able to speak to an investor. Sign up to a drop-in session with a member of the BGV team here.
  • To stay up to date with all the latest tips and information on applications, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin and sign up to our newsletter.

Applications will be open until 9th January 2022. Good luck!