Announcing the startups joining BGV’s S24 Programme
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Announcing the startups joining BGV’s S24 Programme

Dama Sathianathan
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Dama Sathianathan
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March 21, 2024

We’re incredibly excited to unveil our first cohort of startups joining our Spring 2024 programme and receiving investment from our latest fund. These teams were selected from over 360 applications, and we’re thrilled to support them on their journey towards lasting social and environmental impact and growth.

From companies promoting responsible consumption, to increasing better health outcomes, to providing essential services to the most marginalised in today’s society, these startups are using technology to drive positive outcomes for people and planet at scale. Without further ado, here are the teams.


Impact Theme: Sustainable Planet
Founders: Dr. Matias Acosta and Dr. Sebastian Horstmann

Cosysense develops AI technology to make heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in buildings like offices more energy-efficient. Their sensors gather information to improve comfort and reduce energy use, aiming to cut down on harmful emissions charging only a fraction of realised savings.


Impact Theme: Healthy Lives
Founders: James Levy-Vassie, Dr Johanna Lindemann, Marcin Warzecha

Pareful is an AI-enabled digital health app that provides support to parents in managing mental health challenges. It offers personalised therapy sessions and meditations to combat anxiety, stress, sleep and relationship challenges, designed to seamlessly integrate into busy parental lifestyles.


Impact Theme: WorkerTech, in partnership with Resolution Ventures
Founders: Yande Chilufya and Jeremiah Richard

Planna is a workforce management and recruitment solution for temporary workers.

It offers a platform that helps temporary workers find better jobs and improve their working conditions. It automates the forecasting, hiring and managing of external temporary staff via a single AI tool.


Impact Theme: Sustainable PlanetFounders: Dan Peel and Adam Waterman

Ostara is improving polytunnel and greenhouse farming. They are building an affordable software solution that automates ventilation, irrigation, and nutrient dosing to optimise growing conditions and increase yields. This solution is designed to be more accessible and less complex than existing options, reducing reliance on manual labor and guesswork.


Impact Theme: Sustainable Planet
Founders: Serhat Kyuchuk-Pakyuz and Lili Kyuchuk-Pakyuz

RideLogix uses software to help retailers manage their stock more efficiently and deliver products using eco-friendly methods. Their goal is to reduce waste and emissions in the retail sector by optimising inventory and delivery schedules.


Impact Theme: Inclusive Society
Founders: Jude Greer, Alexis Long, Daniel Morgan, Michalis Panayiotou

Rule is a personal finance app designed for those with ADHD, helping them spend more wisely and manage money better. It aims to improve financial habits and outcomes for its users.


Impact Theme: Healthy Lives
Founders: Dr Anna Vartapetiance, Dr Lee Gillam

Securium’s solutions enable quick and accurate detection and prevention of technology-assisted harms, protecting businesses and vulnerable individuals, especially children, by identifying online threats, risks and harm to keep online spaces safe.


Impact Theme: Inclusive Society
Founders: Jaye Hackett and Chloe Coleman

Vouchsafe is making a way for people to prove who they are using their trusted relationships rather than paper documents. Their product will help 11 million UK residents without traditional ID documents to access vital services like bank accounts, employment, housing, healthcare, benefits and even voting.


Impact Theme: Healthy Lives
Founders: Hauwa Muhammad and Dr. Inny Oninuire

WA Health is an app powered by machine learning that addresses the inefficiencies in managing administrative tasks across GPs to reduce patient waiting times and improve patient health outcomes. Their app automates paperwork tasks for GPs, aiming to improve care and save time.


Impact Theme: Sustainable Planet
Founders: Nicholas Betts

ZERØ London is working to reduce waste in the fashion industry by optimising fabric use during production. Their approach uses innovative software solutions to cut down on material waste and emissions, making fashion production more environmentally and financially sustainable.

Diversity of our Spring 2024 cohort

The teams cover a wealth of different lived experiences and bring that to the development of a range of tech for good businesses seeking high growth and impact.

As part of our investment thesis, we fundamentally want to create a better enabling environment for founders from all walks of life. Part of that ethos also means that we want to be transparent about the diversity of the teams we invest in. A blog detailing diversity across our overall pipeline is to follow in the coming weeks, but here’s a snapshot of our Spring 2024 cohort to date:

  • 29% of founders identify as women, 67% as men, and 4% as non-binary.
  • The founding teams are composed of 45% all-men teams, 9% all-women teams and 45% of mixed-gendered teams.
  • 25% of founders identify as having a disability.
  • 58% of founders identify as ‘White’, 17% as ‘Black, Black British, Caribbean, or African’, 13% as ‘Mixed or with multiple ethnic groups’, 8% as ‘other ethnic group’, and 4% as ‘Asian or Asian British’.
  • Founders of this cohort span 13 different nationalities.

Their journey with BGV

These are just a few highlights from this cohort of invested teams, and we couldn't be more excited about the potential they hold. Stay tuned for updates on their progress and achievements as we continue to champion tech for good innovation and entrepreneurship through our programme.

If you’re considering joining our next programme for which applications will open in May, then make sure to speak to a member of the BGV team about your tech for good venture to discuss if it’s a good fit.