How do you claim SEIS and EIS income tax relief?
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How do you claim SEIS and EIS income tax relief?

Milly Shotter
Written by
Milly Shotter
Posted on
October 14, 2021

As an individual, investing in early-stage companies means you can often benefit from SEIS and EIS tax reliefs.

Once you’ve invested, either directly into a qualifying venture or through an SEIS/EIS Fund like ours, the next step is to claim your income tax relief.

Here are some key pointers on what to expect.

1) When should I expect to receive my SEIS3 or EIS3 certificates?

To claim your SEIS or EIS income tax relief you will require a unique investment reference (UIR) which is found on your SEIS3 and EIS3 certificates. Investee companies go through a compliance application to HMRC to obtain these, but must have first met one of the following conditions before they can apply:

  • carried out their qualifying business activity for 4 months
  • spent at least 70% of the amount raised by the relevant share issue

On average, we find it takes companies approximately 3-6 months from investment to obtain and issue the relevant certificates. However the actual timelines may vary depending on individual company circumstances.

2) How do I know which tax year my SEIS and EIS certificates are for?

SEIS3 and EIS3 certificates are associated with the tax year shares are issued by the corresponding companies – not the date of the investment or the date certificates are issued.

3) How do ASAs work for SEIS and EIS tax relief?

ASAs are advanced subscription agreements. This means that shares in a company that raises money via an ASA will be issued once the company raises their next round of funding or at a pre-agreed longstop date.

The SEIS3 and EIS3 certificates for ASAs are valid for the tax year in which the relevant shares are issued – not the date of the ASA.

4) What is ‘carry back’ for SEIS and EIS?

SEIS and EIS investments offer a ‘carry back’ facility. This means that you can offset the tax relief against income tax from the previous year – so long as you have enough SEIS allowance in the year you want to ‘carry back’ to.

(For more information, see the ‘Can you choose to have the Income Tax relief for a different year’ section of this helpsheet.)

5) What if I don’t receive some SEIS or EIS certificates before I want to do my tax return for that year?

Certificates should still be valid for income tax relief in their associated tax year even if you receive them after you’ve done your tax return for that year.

In this circumstance, you can complete the claim form on pages 3 and 4 of the SEIS3 or EIS3 certificates and send it to your HMRC tax office.

6) Where do I make an SEIS or EIS income tax relief claim?

You can claim SEIS and EIS income tax relief either online when you submit your Self Assessment tax return, or by post – using pages 3 and 4 of the SEIS3 or EIS3 certificates.

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