Meet BGV’s Autumn 2021 cohort
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Meet BGV’s Autumn 2021 cohort

Milly Shotter
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Milly Shotter
Posted on
September 13, 2021

The leaves are slowly turning all shades of red, brown and yellow in London and that means one thing for BGV - welcoming our Autumn cohort of ventures. This will be our largest cohort yet with 13 brilliant teams. Each and every one of them impressed us with their ambition to build a successful business using tech for positive impact. This cohort spans problems from food waste, to diversity & inclusion in tech, to solutions for achieving net zero.

Without further ado here we introduce the latest tech for good ventures joining our portfolio - BGV’s Autumn 2021 cohort:

Building for: A Sustainable Planet

Angry Monk

Founders: Andrea Guariglia, Nathan Lucaussy

Angry Monk is an online platform aggregating fresh, quality surplus across the supply chain, which they will sell to restaurants, institutional canteens and food manufacturers. As a funnel for surplus produce. Angry Monk will also facilitate donations to food banks and charities.


Founders: Isabelle Gough, Tim Hawkins

Cercula is a tool that gives construction professionals the data they need to reduce their impact on the planet. Cercula provides a fast and simple workflow, allowing the user to generate whole life carbon metrics instantly from cost plans and bills of quantities. Twitter | Instagram | Linkedin


Founders: Jasmina Ristic, Dejana Ristic,  Mirko Tadic

Horizer provides an all-in-one solar mobility solution: flexible ultra-thin solar foils with a battery and accompanying app that can turn any electric vehicle into a solar powered one. Linkedin | Youtube

Building for: A Better Society

Cogs AI

Founders: Zareen Ali, Felix de Gray

Cogs AI is an AI-powered web application that creates personalised learning journeys for students with special educational needs and disability, based on teachers’ existing lesson content. By learning from students’ past performance, the app creates individualised assignments that adapt to the needs of each student in real-time during a lesson.


Founders: Eleanor de Kanter, Yiannis Pelekanos

Hera is the first pension designed for women’s lifepaths with three pillars: Learn: guidance on how your decisions affect retirement. Track: Hera calculates your pension ‘salary’ (across all your savings) and finally, Grow: novel ways to top-up e.g. cashback for low earners and women taking time away from work.Hera joins us as part of our WorkerTech partnership with the Resolution Foundation.


Founders: Alicia Porter

LetIN is a platform/mobile app that allows tenants to rate and review their rental properties during and post tenancy in real time: it’s Tripadvisor meets Rightmove for rental properties.


Founder: Shana Gujral

Lila is a learning platform for diversity & inclusion with a backend to manage metrics. They use gamification, videos and toolkits to engage employees and HR receives monthly reports to measure confidence, empowerment and belonging. Instagram

Noggin HQ

Founders: Eva Atkinson, Laura Mills

Noggin HQ are bringing in a new era for consumer credit scoring. Their mission is to secure fairer access to credit for all. Initially they’re modernising how credit scores are calculated, prioritising predictive power and ethical impact. What’s next? Well, you’ll have to wait and see!


Founders: Drishdey Caullychurn, Utsav Oza

TEXpertAI assesses workforce data to find underrepresented groups within an organisation through its insightful analytics. Then, it tailors its AI-powered candidate searches to find candidates with the right skills and experience who have the ability to improve the diversity KPI of that organisation.

Building for: Healthy Lives

Family Phone

Founders: Grant Ripley, Fran Ferris-Ockwell

Family Phone wants to help people with dementia to remain digitally connected by providing a simple and affordable video calling app which is designed to specifically support their needs. They’re building a video calling app that provides an uncluttered UX, an intuitive UI and has key features evidenced to help people with dementia digitally connect with family, friends and carers.Linkedin


Founders: Clinton Ajayi, Gvidas Girzadas, Lukas Girzadas

Sportas is a social platform that matches those who want to play sports with like-minded sport enthusiasts as well as organisers & venues. Since launching with just a landing page at the start of April, the team has signed up 450+ users via word of mouth alone, with 58% expressing an interest in 3 sports or more.Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Linkedin


Founders: Marouf Khan

WellBuddy is a digital wellbeing tool that integrates with calendars & automatically finds free time for employees to boost their physical and mental wellness. They provide HR teams with performance data and save them time and money by fully digitalising administration bit of wellbeing.Twitter | Linkedin | Instagram

For a deeper overview of the problems each team is solving, take a look at our A21 cohort snapshot.