Meet BGV’s Spring 2022 cohort
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Meet BGV’s Spring 2022 cohort

Olivia Wasson
Written by
Olivia Wasson
Posted on
April 19, 2022

Spring has sprung in London and at BGV that means one thing: a new batch of brilliant tech for good ventures joining our portfolio. These teams make up our Spring 2022 cohort. The solutions they’re building are diverse as ever, spanning from accessible home ownership to speech therapy. Meet them here.

Building for: A Sustainable Planet


Founders: Maria Yavorskaya, Ilya Lebedev

Zipsale is an innovative software which enables you to crosslist secondhand items across multiple marketplaces, and helps you manage your inventory in one place. Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | LinkedIn


Founder: Alex Crawley

Delve is a carbon footprint solution. It connects to your bank accounts using secure Open Banking APIs to effortlessly track and reduce the emissions of your purchases and lifestyle.


Founders: Nina Evangeli, Vlad Niculescu

Desyr is a fashion review platform. They show clothes that have been rated and reviewed by other users to reduce the amount of clothes being returned and sent to landfill. Twitter | Instagram | TikTok | Facebook | LinkedIn


Founders: Matt Pollen, Ian Thompson, Miguel Enguica

Litta is a platform that gamifies the collection of any type of crowdsourced data, starting with urban litter. Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn

Building for: A Better Society

Inclusion Labs

Founder: Temi Akindele Barker

Inclusion Labs offer a custom programme for schools, with corresponding tools to embed diversity, equity and inclusion into every young person’s education. Twitter | LinkedIn


Founders: Liz Laurence, John Cleary

MaryR is making buying as easy as renting, and helping people get on the property ladder, by enabling the buying and selling of shares in a private home.LinkedIn

Market Movers

Founders: Ally Munn, Stephanie Hayden

Market Movers are building iRecruiit, a comparison platform for job seekers and hiring managers alike to research and compare recruiters, allowing them to make an informed decision about who to work with.  Instagram | Facebook | LinkedInMarket Movers joins us as part of our WorkerTech partnership with the Resolution Foundation.


Founders: Elliot Lumb, Tom Carney

PeerRef is a journal-independent peer review service. Using AI and open-source software, they organise peer review for researchers who post work online. Twitter | LinkedIn

Building for: Healthy Lives

Beautiful Voice

Founders: Andre Hallack, Yun Bing, Dongli Li

Beautiful Voice is transforming how speech therapy is delivered - empowering speech language therapists and users alike with time-saving tools and interactive biofeedback.Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn


Founder: Pete Beckett

Ethiot is developing products to make it easier for people with limited mobility and speech to develop independence and autonomy in their homes. Instagram | LinkedIn


Founders: Gabriel Corbett, Rish Chowdhry

Nuriu analyses restaurants on food delivery platforms to provide reliable nutritional information.