Our 2023 Impact Report
A Sustainable Planet
An Inclusive Society
Healthy Lives

Our 2023 Impact Report

Yumi Tsoy
Written by
Yumi Tsoy
Posted on
April 23, 2024

We’ve been putting together impact and learning reports since our fifth birthday back in 2017. Each year, we try to up our game and improve on the previous year. This time is no different. 

Our 2023 Impact and Learning Report examines portfolio companies' impact more deeply than ever before, highlighting their progress towards healthier lives, an inclusive society, and a sustainable planet. 

  • LettUs Grow is revolutionising sustainable agriculture with their aeroponic technology.
  • Aparito is transforming patient outcomes in clinical trials with their digital monitoring tools.
  • Head Set Immersive is enhancing training for high-risk environments through virtual reality. 

In each case, we’ve tried to go beyond simple metrics and offer a more nuanced view of how these companies are making a difference.

As in previous years, we’ve shared diversity data on both our portfolio and team. We’re really proud that 64p in every £1 of our investment in 2023 went to all female teams. 

Looking forward, our new fund BGV II promises to expand our impact significantly, enabling us to invest in a hundred new ventures over the next four years. It will help us continue to show that the most valuable companies of the future will be those that improve lives and our planet.