SORA by Syrona Health - a look into one of our portfolio companies!
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SORA by Syrona Health - a look into one of our portfolio companies!

Olivia Wasson
Written by
Olivia Wasson
Posted on
March 5, 2021

Endometriosis is one of those conditions that most of us have heard of and probably have some understanding that it can cause significant pain. However, apart from that, so much of this condition is still unknown. It’s Endometriosis awareness week here in the UK so we wanted to take this opportunity to check in with how one of our portfolio companies, Syrona, is tackling this knowledge gap and providing a solution to the 1 in 10 women in the UK who are affected by the condition. Let’s start filling that knowledge gap with some stats! Around 176 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with Endometriosis. However, the reality is that many will remain undiagnosed or take years to ever receive one (on average it takes 7.5 years from onset of symptoms to diagnosis!). Some of the common symptoms include heavy menstrual bleeding, chronic pelvic pain, bloating (commonly referred as Endo belly) and pain during intercourse. Syrona is determined to democratise gynaecological healthcare. They say:“People have been suffering from Endometriosis in silence for too long. Chronic health issues such as endometriosis have been overlooked by the medical industry for hundreds of years. We believe we’re currently in the middle of a revolution to make quality, expert healthcare available to all and technology is a key part of this.” This is where SORA comes in. SORA by Syrona Health is an innovative new virtual health assistant app. The app provides free specialised support for Chronic Gynaecological Health Conditions such as PCOS and Endometriosis, both diagnosed or undiagnosed.“We’re combining years of research with technology, to create a personal in-your-pocket healthcare assistant to help every step of the way with this debilitating condition. SORA allows Endometriosis patients to access all the information in one handy app, and also access a community of fellow patients to help them cope with the devastating impact this condition can have on their mental health.”The testimonies received so far show the level of detail Syrona has gone to in developing SORA: “I’ve downloaded the app and I am blown away. The detail in the tracker and all the other bits are incredible. Thank you for creating this!” Let’s take a closer look at some of the features:

  • Symptom tracking – track user symptoms and lifestyle data over time
  • Insights – gain insights from user inputs and identify potential triggers
  • Treatment and pain management - provide methods to help combat physical symptoms alongside online-CBT to help patients along their journey
  • Shop - we curate relevant products for patients such as home testing kits for fertility, PCOS, Cervical Cancer Screening and CBT consultations
  • Community – gain access to the latest updates in science and gynaecological healthcare, interact with peers and engage with the community.

At BGV we were very excited to support Syrona with the launch of SORA - a fantastic example of tech for good tackling Endometriosis. It is now available to download from the Apple app store and Google Play!